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Internal Hard Drive Keeps Disconnecting Windows 10


I worked on laptops with 2 or 3 dedicated bays for HDD (Top line DELLS support up to 5 HDDs (2 bays x2 HDDs + ODD). –AcePL Jan 12 '15 at Once cloned however Bois no longer recognises it but windows does (defraggler, Acronis, disk management and can even directly access content in it). It is a1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200.11. I looked in Explorer, and the drive letter disappeared... his comment is here

Pazzo April 14, 2013 6:51 am Reply # I just got a new pc running windows 8. I tried to do a restore using system disaster recovery at start up but it freezes on starting disaster recovery. That makes a bit sense because the shown size is absolutely crap. Find probability that the sum of two dice is not 6 and not 5? read this post here

Internal Hard Drive Keeps Disconnecting Windows 10

Having run disk management I can see the drive there. Yes, but: this should NOT happen to both drives irrespective of slot. I still believe this is a Windows OS (software) issue, insufficient power, or both. Windows isn't installed to the Seagate, the drive Windows is on has never failed to boot.

  1. I have 50000 or so songs on this drive..
  2. it then would niot boot at all.
  3. When tried to initialize the disk, it said "Could not find the sector requested". 2.
  4. Reply atgraphics says: January 18, 2008 at 10:52 amto "on"if it happens when your comp cpu (processor) has very intensive work to do (online games etc.) then maybe it's overheating.
  5. One is in the primary slot, the other is in an optical caddy.

You maybe able with a more high end tool be able to recover the data with software. I want to try use software before putting it in the freezer. Windows will identify any sectors that have gone bad. Sata Hard Drive Disconnects I am not sure if the heat could have messed it up or not but I have done this many times before.

I was also very careful to seal the wires with electrical tape so that no moisture could sneak though. Hard Drive Disappears Windows 10 It just causes a long hard drive detection phase at POST and is then not detected at all. how do i get it the other half of the drive back??!! http://superuser.com/questions/862980/secondary-internal-hdd-vanishes-reappears-randomly-in-windows-8-1 Big deal, I thought.

I came home and the screen showed a stalled boot post display, and the last line said `Boot manager not found`. Hard Drive Disappears Randomly In my Dell days this option was responsible for lots of issues on it's own. The jumper pins on the back of the drive should be set to Master for the Primary and Slave for the Secondary. today i found that my older WD isnt working/spining just as no power is going into it i tried to change cables but still, its the hdd fault.

Hard Drive Disappears Windows 10

I just want to have some sort of plan when I call Dell again, I need to know what to tell them to replace this time rather than them just sending http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2307477/hdd-making-noises-year-work-fine-replace.html Brandon Reply December 19, 2013 This is a ridiculous statement. Internal Hard Drive Keeps Disconnecting Windows 10 This is your hard drive failing. Hard Drive Disappears After A Few Minutes How can I determine whether or not the current supply is able to provide enough watts/amperage to power all components inside the laptop? –Enigma83 Jan 12 '15 at 9:51

Drive" so why i did not hear it before? this content That condensation will be frozen to the platters inside the drive and if you fire it up right after taking it out this frozen condensation will likely ruin the read write Dain Reply March 8, 2010 I have the infamouse Seagate st31000340as 1TB drive's when they first came out. That way, if one fails, your data is still safe on the other. Hard Drive Disappears Until Reboot

A program should open called Computer Management. But the device wouldn't appear in My Computer. A normal Windows DVD will work if you have that. http://wkpadv.com/hard-drive/internal-hard-drives.html Everything went fine with the first HDD.

Turned off computer and replaced the SATA cable, but loading into windows was still "by chance". Hard Drive Disappeared From My Computer Why are the windows of bridges of ships always inclined? should I install a new cable to the mobr also while I got it apart?

I think its not a battery cmos problem, because time and date are always right.

will this work or does anyone have any other recommendations? The third HDD uses IDE as well, but it does not get picked up in the BIOS. You can try using the aforementioned free tool called Recuva from Piriform. Hard Drive Keeps Disappearing Windows 10 Many Thanks Aran October 30, 2012 Dave Aran, please post this in our forums http://www.pctechbytes.net so we can troubleshoot.

I reluctantly installed Acronis' MaxBlast5, stepped through the program, and got Drive F: to appear on My Computer… hooray! I rebooted in Setup to verify that the Secondary Hard Drive was set to Auto… it was! Any ideas or solutions? http://wkpadv.com/hard-drive/if-you-have-an-external-hard-drive-is-a-flash-drive-needed.html When I went to My Computer… the anticipated new Drive: F still wasn't there?

Finally - in my experience adding a bag of frozen pees to the top of the drive (make sure it remains in the sealed bag) seems to lengthen the usage of that drive sat in a drawer for 6 or 7 years unnoticed, but last year i pulled it out just to see, and plugged it in, IT STILL WORKED! The hard drive on my Fujitsu-Siemens (windows xp) computer has started acting up.